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HR Analytics for the HR Business Partner

Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 9:00a - 4:30p

Atlanta, Georgia

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Training Objectives

The reality is that most HR Business Partners did not choose this profession because they had a strong interest in analytics, numbers or metrics; but this should not be an excuse to avoid these valuable tools that will make you more effective and serve your clients’ needs.

Another reality for HR Business Partners is avoidance may not continue to be an option.  The RBL Group research shows, the competencies they label “HR Innovator and Integrator” have the biggest business impact.  Like being a “Credible Activist” has become a ticket to entre for HR professionals, in the near future, the ability to optimize human capital through workforce planning and analytics will be expected and not a source of competitive advantage or distinction.

This HR Boot Camp Covers Five (5) Key Training Objectives:

1. Analytics and Measurement Basics

  • This is knowing how to read percentages, indexes, and scales

2. Reading and Applying Standard Reports

  • This is understanding what the data is 'telling you'

3. Creating a Measurement Strategy

  • This is identifying what data is needed to make an impact on an initiative or effort

4. Presenting Data for Impact

  • This is learning how to use your data to tell a meaningful story to a business leader

5. Defending Your Data and Reports

  • This is learning how to refute attacks on your data and/or hypothesis