Project-Based Contracts

When working on a project basis, we work closely with our clients to determine the level of support they need for a specific project or finite time period. At the beginning of each project, we will:

  1. Establish the phases and/or key milestones,
  2. Estimate our and the client’s time commitment,
  3. Outline the work requirements and responsibilities for both parties, and
  4. Describe the type of anticipated deliverable(s). 

What makes our projects different?

Our projects are not managed or billed by the hour. Rather, we contract and manage the work within the proposed project scope.  This approach has two key benefits:

  • We’re able to be more flexible – it’s understood that “we don’t know what we don’t know” until the project is underway. 
  • It’s our responsibility to notify our clients if the actual work is going beyond the scope of the contract. If/when this occurs, the client has the opportunity to either re-prioritize the current agreement, contract additional hours (at a discounted rate), or negotiate a new agreement in order to complete the necessary work.

Retainer Agreements

Often times, a client will initiate a retainer agreement for a specific period of time to guarantee access to HR Metrics Coach, even though they may not have a specific project/initiative currently in need of support.

Retainer agreements are ideal for clients that need any single, or combination of needs for:

  • Ongoing support for a recently completed project
  • Expert guidance and thought leadership 
  • Prioritizing and sequencing work in preparation of an initiative
  • Coaching and support for an appointed executive, team or individual

Retainer agreements are typically structured as follows:

  • Retainer length is 3 - 12 months
  • Allotted hours are established for each month
  • Monthly invoicing
  • If hours worked exceed allotted amounts, they are invoiced along with monthly statements (at a discounted rate)