Core Services

While the definition of HR Analytics is still evolving, we describe it to clients as simply “the art and science of understanding the impact human capital has on an organization to enable better decision making.”

In many cases, HR instinctively knows where they are struggling. The problem they usually face is not having the hard data to support their beliefs, and therefore, not knowing how to solve their issue and not being able to provide their business case to leadership.

HR Metrics Coach helps provide quantitative data to build a business case, support decision making, answer executive questions and provide a foundation for change and improvements. 

Our core services include: 


We use workforce and business data to create quantifiable measurements – independently and in relation to one another. 

Custom Tools

We use our custom-built tools to combine the results of multiple analyses and create a picture of an organization’s current state, as well as the related implications for future change.

Targeted Reports

We design targeted reports to provide insights tailored for the intended audiences, ranging from line managers to HR staff to executive leadership.  


Strategy Support

We help clients use the workforce analysis to develop and modify business strategies that will enable the organization to acheive its goals.

Sample Projects

Our team has experience working directly with and supporting several HR Centers of Excellence.  With our experience, in-depth analytics capabilities, and knowledge of the underlying workforce data, HR Metrics Coach is equipped to help nearly any HR project. 

Some examples include:

  • Developing and facilitating in-person training and webinars on a variety of HR topics
  • Creating and conducting customized surveys, both internally (such as an employee engagement survey) and externally (peer group benchmarking studies on company practices or compensation)
  • Assisting Organizational Effectiveness and/or functional leaders to design the ideal organization for a department or function
  • Developing custom process improvement tools
  • Process mapping
  • Job structure creation and career leveling
  • Creating salary structures and market pay comparisons
  • Designing and implementing rewards & recognition, step-rate pay programs, and incentive plans
  • Creating primers for topics such as Workforce Planning, Diversity and HR Analytics
  • Managing international HR issues, including global mobility, immigration, expatriate compensation and repatriation