Our Game Plan

The HR Metrics Coach mission is to use measurement applications and scientific methods to assist organizations in maximizing their human capital for the benefit of both the enterprise and the individuals.

Organizations Looking For Us

Quite frankly, most organizations cannot justify investing in a separate function dedicated to human capital measurement.  Often times, the organizations that do invest in a HR analytics, or similarly named function, do not actually provide the function the independence or status needed to maximize their investment – it is just a political reality.

It is very common for organizations to expect their line management, or HR business partners, to have the capacity and capability to conduct deep workforce analysis.  Unfortunately, given the numerous and constant competing priorities, the lack of simple tools and time, this is not a realistic expectation.

As a consultant, HR Metrics Coach can provide an objective assessment of the organization and when necessary, deliver the tough messages that can be difficult to deliver internally.  HR Metrics Coach also serves as a trainer, teaching clients inside and outside of the HR function how to measure their workforce effectiveness.


Organizations We're Looking For

Our ideal client is motivated by a desire to obtain a competitive advantage through its workforce, and maintains an interest in benchmarking as a mere reference point. 

We want to work with the organizations that are willing to take risks for big rewards.  This often means developing unique solutions and not implementing the so-called “best practices” or flavor of the month.  We need organizations that are committed to adopting a disciplined approach to measuring their human capital.

We are most effective when working with a business unit and their HR business partners, in addition to having success serving in an advisory role to executive committees or internal boards, such as a diversity board or a site rationalization committee.