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Strategic Workforce Preparation

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 9:00a - 4:30p

St. Petersburg, Florida

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Training Objectives

Strategic Workforce Preparation is about simplifying your processes and honing in on the methods that will add value to your organization. In an uncertain marketplace, preparation for the future is about sustaining insight, avoiding surprises and reacting more quickly and nimbly than your competition.

This HR Boot Camp Covers Six (6) Key Strategic Workforce Planning Processes:

1. Determine Workforce Point Of View –

  • Which roles are important to—and for—your organization? Critical? Pivotal? All roles?
  • This is developing and understanding your organization’s human capital philosophy.

2. Segment The Workforce –

  • Which roles are—and will remain—vital for your organization’s success?
  • This is developing clear criteria to identify which roles are “critical.”

3. Create Internal Supply Profiles –

  • How many current resources will be part of the organization in the future?
  • This is developing a deeper understanding of the supply and predictive measures.

4. Create External Availability Profiles –

  • Where will resources be available in the future?
  • This is developing a “sixth sense” of where talent is located, the direction demand for talent is trending, and assessing your organization risk.

5. Develop Future State Skills And Competency Models –

  • What are the gaps and surplus skills your organization will experience?
  • This is locating the gaps, their drivers, and their level of significance to the organization.

Build Workforce Scenarios –

  • What are the business implications of different workforce scenarios?
  • This is creating new learning tools, exploring plausible futures through stories that force us to abandon previously fixed ideas about the organization.