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Training Sessions

HR professionals and their organizations need ongoing support to build new skills and activate HR strategies to advance the profession. However, not all HR professionals or organizations desire the same type of support to achieve their goals. This is why we provide our clients the option to select a method that will best suit their needs. 

HR Boot Camp
HR Workouts

HR Boot Camp™ is a single day in-person event with multiple (but limited) organizations. Key features include:

  • Two (2) to four (4) individuals per organization, with a limit of twelve (12) organizations.
  • Intense full-day working session with 3-4 activities and an emphasis on “doing.”
  • Coaches serve primarily as “drill instructors” pushing participants to learn from each other and leave the session with tangible results - not just theories and examples. 
  • Attendees leave with real-world practice, workable materials and interactive tools, and a plan for what’s next.
  • Please visit Events page for our upcoming HR Boot Camp topics and dates.

HR Workouts™ is a series of virtual engagements within a single organization over an 8-12 week period. Key features include:

  • Multiple individuals/work-teams within a single organization. 
  • Participants attend regular meetings (60-90 minutes each) based on their customized plan.
  • Coach serves as teacher, mentor and adviser to the organization.
  • Participation includes a joint assessment of individual and/or organizational goals, along with a customized plan to meet the established goals. 
  • Attendees will consistently review progress, discuss roadblocks and re-assess objectives. 

Tailored Presentations and Coaching Sessions

Our goal is to provide our clients with the right coaching method for their organizational needs and to provide on-going support to achieve and maintain success. This is why we also provide tailored presentations, training sessions, and workshops for individual organizations, and sometimes wider audiences for public events. Some of our recent topics include:

Strategic HR

  • Strategic Workforce Preparation: Getting the Best from the Strategic Workforce Process*
  • The Business of HR: Making the Business Case for the HR Function and People Programs*

HR Metrics

  • HR Analytics for the HR Business Partner: Acquiring the People Data Expertise to Meet and Exceed Business Needs*
  • What’s It All For? Scorecards, Dashboards & Other Measurement Tools
  • Improving Business Success Using HR Metrics
  • Organizational Gold or Smoking Gun? Managing The Risks of HR Metrics

Talent Management Metrics

  • Quality of Hire: The Elusive HR Metric
  • Quality of Attrition: Management’s Favorite People Metric
  • Quality of Movement: Measuring the Impact of Talent Management
  • Time to Full Productivity: Measuring the Effectiveness of Recruiting & Development

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Workplace Diversity in the U.S.
  • Does Your Diversity Scorecard Help You Win?
  • Is the Prize Worth the “Fight”?: The Value of “Competing” for Diversity Awards

If the right method for your organization isn't already on this list and requires a fully customized program, we are happy to take on the challenge.