For HR leaders who are looking to identify and implement the analytic models needed to measure and maximize their Human Capital, our consulting services provide an effective hands-on approach to delivering thought partnership, project management, facilitation sessions, and training.

Unlike outsourced reporting providers, off-the-shelf products, or expensive technology vendors, HR Metrics Coach is a boutique consulting firm that develops customized solutions focused on building your team’s ability to use data wisely, demonstrate the impact of HR practices on organizational performance, and influence business strategy.

Drawing on years of organizational performance research,
HR Metrics Coach concentrates on six central uses of Human Capital metrics.



Your organization is feeling pain in the workforce and is looking for the root cause.

After identifying the source, we advise clients on the steps needed to resolve the underlying issue(s).  If the client feels the issue requires additional expert support, we have a network of trusted specialists, primarily former practitioners, capable of providing a wide range of solutions.


Your organization wants to know if a specific protocol is having the desired effect. 

We help organizations determine the effectiveness of their workforce and/or their people programs.  In many cases, this results in the preparation of a return on investment (“ROI”) analysis for a program and/or business decision. 


Workforce Management

Your organization wants to
identify the metrics needed to manage the workforce.

We assist organizations develop the workforce scorecards, dashboards and other reports required to monitor the health of their workforce.  In many cases, our biggest value-add is helping organizations determine what they can stop measuring.

HR Assessment

Your organization wants to determine the effectiveness of its HR function. 

A common mistake we find when reviewing organizational metrics is mixed uses.  Scorecards trying to measure the effectiveness of the workforce and the efficiency of the HR function often serve neither purpose very well.  This is why we focus on assisting organizations to develop functional HR scorecards and useful tools needed to manage the business of HR. 



Your organization wants to uncover “the holy grail” of metrics - the measurements that aid your managers to becoming more proactive and effective.  

We provide two methods of support around predictive analytics to our clients: 

  1. We look for consistent relationships and identify the decision points management can use to influence outcomes.
  2. We help develop a plan to get them to where predictive human capital measurement is a possibility, and eventually a reality.


Often attributed to Peter Drucker, “what gets measured gets done – what gets rewarded gets repeated.” Your organization wants to create accountability for workforce effectiveness.

Creating accountability is crucial for a successful workforce scorecard.  Without assessing the results and recognizing successes and failures, an organization is wasting valuable and limited resources.

In conjunction with helping organizations design their workforce scorecards and protocol, we also assess the resulting data and provide our observations for senior management.  As objective outsiders, with experience in reviewing dozens of human capital scorecards, we are uniquely qualified to deliver fair and constructive evaluations.